The opportunity which I stumbled upon that changed my life

One day I was aimlessly scrolling on my instagram and an advertisement immediately popped up, “Miss World BC-scouting girls from the province” .While I was initially reluctant, I decided to follow my intuition and sign up. The next day I had my interview, and I was ready to partake in the competition. This was the first time I had applied, or ever gave it any thought. What I knew is I was stepping out of my comfort zone and I had captured my window of opportunity.Since I was very new to the pageant world, my expectations were minimal, I was going with an open mind and ready to learn how to present myself in this completely new atmosphere. I had only two weeks to prepare for the big day, I did all I could to muster up the courage and confidence to perform well. Pageants require more work and coordination than you can imagine. Pageants signify the importance of being a well rounded character, external beauty is just a small aspect of what you have to offer.


While pageants differ from country to country, you are judged on a swimwear portion, evening gown portion as well as an interview. Each one of these requires a specific choreography so you appeal to the judges. When I said stepping out of my comfort zone I truly meant it, I had never danced for a day in my life, and while I had always done physical activity whether it was swimming, kickboxing, or volleyball. Those sports didn’t teach me how to move with grace and femininity. Over the course of the next two days, I managed to make the uncomfortable, comfortable. Without making it appear too forced, and rigid. Another exercise on its own is to be walking in heels for 10 hours a day. While it may look effortless, the pain is real! Each category of the pageant appealed to me, because it trains your mind to be more disciplined. It requires a sense of calmness and peace within yourself, in order to accomplish each facet of the competition. While many skills are required for you to achieve success. It is qualities that you foster within yourself that are required in everyday life. An example would be the importance of public speaking, how to get your message across to a crowd, how to get the audience interested in what you have to say, your tone of voice, your word choices. Each detail matters. The most vital part of the contest, is for you to radiate confidence. Walk like you own the room, talk with conviction when being asked a question. Regardless of the outcome, the experience itself leaves you with a boost of adrenaline.A drive to become the best version of yourself. The exposure to the pageant world, opened my eyes to the countless possibilities life has to offer. It propels you to seek your passion and purpose. You become intentional and clear about what you represent, what makes you unique than all the other ladies in the room. Each lady, has her own talents, hobbies and goals. While you are there to compete, when you have a strong foundation of who you are, you recognize your potential and power that comes from within.


As for me, I was fortunate to be part of the top 3 finalists of Miss World BC, I was the second runner up. Once I was crowned, I felt a magnetic force, that this was a path I wanted to persist with. Now, I will be a contestant for Miss World Canada. This time, I will be more prepared, and have the proper training to participate in the competition. In order to be a winner, you have to be equipped with the proper mindset. While it is important how you move on a stage, how you express yourself, and how you dress. I believe that throughout this entire experience the most vital quality you have to manifest is stillness within your soul, and within your mind. So both of them work significantly elevate your presence. Positive energy and confidence is felt through an entire crowd. The moment you walk on stage, it’s a magnetic powerful force, that no one can deny. It all begins and ends with your mind. Based on these beautiful turn of events I would like to offer some advice to anyone who is interested in being part of the pageant world:


1. First, remember that you are there for the experience. Be open minded, receptive, and take in the information which is given to you, like a sponge. This is an incredible learning opportunity, regardless of the outcome.

2. Believe in yourself, and believe in your uniqueness. Don’t compare yourself to others. There are so many qualified, beautiful ladies at these contests. Each and every single one of us have something special to offer. Focus on the qualities, that you have to offer and enhance them. That is what will make you stand out.

3. Be genuine, everyone is aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Come to terms with them, and know where you should allocate most of your time. It is crucial that you don’t loose yourself in the process. Don’t try to emulate a personality or a walk that is completely different than your own. The idea is that you keep your authentic spirit on and off stage.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice. The few months leading up to the competition, you have to make sure to learn the entire process, how to pose properly, how to walk with grace, how to speak with influence, this requires a coach. Someone who can point you in the right direction and give you genuine constructive criticism which will make you improve your own natural abilities. Also, once you practice enough it will start to feel like second nature.

5. It is normal to feel extremely nervous, before the competition. Try to instil peace and serenity in your mind. This requires self-discipline, but instead of having constant anxiety, stress and convoluted thoughts you will remain composed and positive throughout the completion.

6. Don’t forget to have fun! One of the most vital lessons, is to learn to let go. This isn’t targeted just for the pageant world, but also applies to everyday life. Perfectionism, can be debilitating, it is standard for you to want to practice constantly. But there comes a point, where you cannot be more prepared than you are in this moment. When that time comes, just surrender your energy. Accept all the hard work which you have put into this competition, and now be present and appreciate the moment.