Forbidden Words: Love, Transformation and Healing.

This book signifies the journey a woman has to face in order to build character and strength. The poetry is an authentic account of unhealthy relationships and the numerous emotions which arise during this difficult period. Vulnerability is a powerful tool which the writer has used, in order to remove existing stigma around this topic. Many young women have been in relationships where their significant other becomes toxic and exhibits negative behaviour towards them. This has many implications on how you see yourself as well as your self esteem. In retrospect, toxic relationships are very powerful. It is hard to walk away, because usually there is a magnetic attraction paired with an addiction to the extreme highs and extreme lows which have been captured in the poems. Once you have seized the strength to walk away, that is when true transformation occurs.

The poetry captures the themes of the book which are love, loss and healing. Each filled with powerful imagery and metaphors to fully capture the essence of the moment. Oftentimes, our sensations are heightened due to the powerful feeling of infatuation and passion. The darkness may overcome us, but this book is a reminder that there is always light within you waiting to be unlocked.

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Your book is so incredibly moving thank you for sharing your journey with us! It is important to highlight how difficult it is to be in toxic relationships, not many people are vulnerable enough to share their story. However I am so happy that you did!

Emma L.

You made me realize that I am not alone. You gave me courage to walk away from a relationship which was no longer serving me. THANK YOU!

Makayla W.

This was an easy but very introspective read. You describe your emotions in detail in this novel. I can see what you are going through right before me. What a capturing message!

Andy G.

I read this book so quick! The message stayed with me. It takes courage to open up about these experiences. Passion is a feeling which no one can put into words, but somehow you managed to

Jane B.

WOW! What a descriptive novel. It was like I was part of your relationship. My favourite part was the transformation and the strength which you showed. Thanks for sharing!

Linda K.

Beautifully written, it flows so well. I could re read this type of novel over and over again.

Brigit G.