Emotional Intelligence – How to keep it in shape?

Emotional Intelligence – how to keep it in shape? 

Emotional intelligence is one the most important factors of human success 

So.. how do we keep it in good shape? 

  1. Do not divide emotions into “good” and “bad” placing these connotations on your emotions doesn’t allow you to fully understand your feelings. There is always a grey area, which is often not spoken about. These restrictions do not always apply to your emotions. There must be a balance in everything.
  2. Keep an emotional diary keeping track of emotional and environmental shifts can help you to better identify, accept and prepare for potential triggers. In order for you to feel more at ease it is important to understand the false narrative you may be telling yourself. Once you write it out, you become aware and then you can begin the change. 
  3. Don’t be consumed by your emotional state. Whether you are elated or distraught, it is important to remember that this state is not forever. Let your emotions flow over you, rathe then being swept up by the tide. 
  4. Understand how your body reacts to stress. Critical situations affect the work of the body. You need to learn to read the signals of your body and listen to what they are telling you. This will make it easier to identify when you may need to take a pause and renew your strength. 
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