Miracle Morning – How the first hour of the day determines your success!

Miracle Morning – How the first hour of the day determines your success

The Miracle Morning is based on six self development practices you can incorporate into your morning routine, that will help you tap into your powerful inner force and take charge of your day!

Having a consistent morning and night routine will help you both begin your day with a fresh and focused mind, and allow you to destress before you sleep. Let’s focus on the morning routine first:

  1. Silence – Begin your day with a few minutes of calmness, clarity, and serenity, shedding any negative thoughts which may have crept in overnight. Take time to wake up, and do not grab your phone immediately, give yourself a few minutes before the business of the day starts. 
  2. Affirmations – Develop a series of positive statements that help affirm your goals and beliefs and guide you towards growth. Affirmations should always be tailored towards things which you are striving to achieve, for example if you want to exude more confidence give yourself affirmations such as “I am worthy, I am powerful, I am beautiful”. Just by the act of saying them aloud every morning, will naturally make you more confident!
  3. Visualization – Create a visual representation of your biggest goals, dreams, and desires. Keep it in a place where you will see it regularly, especially as you go about your morning routine. Each person can do this differently, another way that I personally visualize is I go on morning walks listening to my favourite songs, as they are playing I visualize the goals which I want to accomplish as I am doing this emotions take over. It is almost like, I have already manifested them when I do this simple practice. Emotions + Visualization = Manifestation. 
  4. Physical Exercise – Whether it is going to a gym class, running, or taking a quiet moment for some yoga moving your body is the best way to get the endorphins pumping. Physical activity is positive in many ways, it will allow you to test your body’s limits and prove to yourself that you can push yourself. It can also be a way to feel part of something, like being in a kickboxing class, you feed off the energy of the people around you, and it creates a really positive atmosphere. Lastly, even if you don’t feel like it, and you convince yourself to work out you start your day off right! 
  5. Reading – I always aim to read at least 10 pages a day to support learning, curiosity and personal growth. It is vital to seek out information on subjects which you are not aware about, or even about personal interests. Knowledge is power. Make sure you are feeding your mind. 
  6. JournalingKeep a journal to clear your mind, discover new ideas, document progress, and get in touch with your inner self. This is a very productive way to release stress and tension from challenges in your life. If you have pent up emotions it is best to grab a pen and paper and allow the words to flow on the page, write freely. You will feel more relieved after doing this.