The 14 habits of a highly feminine woman

The 14 habits of highly feminine woman

  1. She is confident in herself – she is her own best friend. She has intrinsic motivation to be the highest version of herself, and has very clear ideals that she strives to represent. 
  2. She is very selective with her energy and sets boundaries – she knows she has so much to offer and give, so she chooses wisely who she surrounds herself with. Be selective with the people you allow in your life. You want those who believe in you, who see the best in you, and who will always lend you a helping hand when you need it most. 
  3. She is aware that she has both a demon and angel within her, but despite the disappointments she may face in life she chooses to listen to the angel, and exude kindness. 
  4. She knows that knowledge is power – she constantly feeds her mind, with different disciplines. She reads, she writes, she is educated, she knows how to think critically. She has a mind of her own. She is consistently working on herself, and learning a new skill or renewing old ones. 
  5. She learns from her traumas and pain – she is very aware of the causes of why she acts out emotionally, and what causes anger and suffering from her external environment. She doesn’t blame others, but looks within herself to change and improve her coping mechanisms. She knows in order for her to be happy, she has to fully heal. Whether it’s from childhood trauma, a relationship, or a friendship. 
  6. She doesn’t gossip or speak ill of others. When you interact with negative energy, it takes your power. A highly feminine women, does not radiate at a low frequency. Every time you choose to speak badly about someone or exude jealousy, you are not in alignment with your pure intentions. When you do so, you are not hurting the other person but only hurting yourself. Think twice before you choose to feed into this negative cycle. Understand that in life there will always be someone who doesn’t believe in you, or doesn’t want to see you succeed. The most powerful thing you can do is not to react, let them talk.  
  7. She takes care of her appearance and style. Many may say that appearance isn’t everything, and I completely agree with that statement. However, taking care of your physical appearance leads you to feel more confident within your body. It teaches you to love your features, and find what best suits them. When you are leaving the house, make sure to have a bit of makeup, your hair, your nails done. This way you feel like an elevated version of yourself. 
  8. Wear accessories, these little things also change how you view yourself. Wearing rings, necklaces, bracelets. You are meant to be decorated, you are meant to shine. Find jewelry pieces that speak to you, and wear them with elegance and class. The small accents make a difference on how you view yourself. 
  9. Have your own scent.Every woman, should have her own scent. Find the perfume which has nodes that you prefer. Perfume is the most striking form of memory, when someone smells your scent they will immediately think of you. 
  10. A feminine woman is always honest with herself, her intentions, and values/principles and always acts according to them. Over the course of your life, you learn more about yourself every day. What your likes/dislikes are, what your moral compass directs you to.It is important act in harmony with your views. You can attain this by being genuine. Truly taking the time to know who you are and what you stand for. Take an interest in yourself, the way you would with a best friend, or a partner. 
  11. Activate your intuition. Through the pressures of society many people loose touch with their internal signals, dismissing them easily. Once this happens, you start to loose yourself in the process as well. In order to find yourself again, make sure to begin following your gut instincts. Your intuition will pave the path to where you are meant to be. The more you feel good and direct your energy towards desire the more the universe will align and bring those desires into reality. 
  12. A feminine woman is independent -she has her own life. She has areas of her existence, that are only for her, and no one can interfere. Whether it’s a gym class, meditation, or drawing. 
  13. She is in tune with her feminine energy. She is spiritual, and opens her heart to her experiences day to day. She chooses to allow the universe to lead. She knows deep in her soul, that she is connected with the life she desires, it’s like she already owns it. 
  14. She romanticizes her life. This is like wearing rose tinted glasses, every single day. Life naturally becomes more beautiful. It’s like writing a movie starring yourself. You want to connect with your life force energy, if that is dancing in your bedroom alone, lighting candles, dressing comfortably in clothing which reveals your curves, treating yourself to roses or tulips. Then life simply begins to feel like a dream. It’s the small things which raise your frequency.