What is Femininity?

Defining femininity is not easy to do, in today’s society. It is a controversial topic and has a different meaning to each woman. My definition may not be aligned with yours, but take what serves you and leave the rest. 

In today’s world femininity is a rare quality to be found. Due to society’s pressure for women to wear multiple hats at once, we think in order to be successful and achieve our aspirations in life, we have to be in our masculine energy.

Masculine energy is referred to as: DOING and is influenced by logic and reason. This shows through traits such as competitiveness aggressiveness and dominance. 

While feminine energy is referred to as BEING, it is where intuition meets receiving and allowing.A functioning high feminine woman portrays traits like; warmth, creativity, sensuality, and magnetism. 

The feminine woman possesses both masculine and feminine qualities in order to achieve her goals. She knows her power comes from within. In her fluidity, her nurturing nature, her kindness, and genuine care for each individual she meets. She touches people’s soul, and she is difficult to forget. She chooses forgiveness even in the most difficult times. She is in control of her emotions, and she doesn’t allow them to overshadow her spirit. This woman is in her receiving energy, and she is not afraid to accept help. 

While this may be a beautiful description it still doesn’t encompass the depth of her character.

Femininity is often attributed with weakness, because sensitivity and vulnerability is often seen as naive and childish. However I must highlight that these qualities are the opposite of weakness, in my eyes it is the possession of true strength. 

The hardest decision to make is to continue opening your heart up to beautiful experiences and people regardless of the hardships and disappointments you may face. Each time you should tell yourself that you can believe in love one more time. You can believe in the kindness of strangers. You can believe that universally we are all good, it’s the circumstances which can make us closed off and not receptive of love. 

Keeping this in mind, you also have to create barriers between you and others. Allow yourself to say no, and be selfish you do  not have to give your entire energy to every person you meet. You have to create a shield which deflects the negative energy around you. This serves as a way to protect yourself and resist the urge to be a reflection of the atmosphere around you.

A feminine woman’s weapon is her kindness. While this may be true, she doesn’t allow people to take advantage of her. She spreads compassion and love through her actions, and believes the best in people. She chooses wisely who is deserving of her energy. Once she makes a decision that someone is unworthy, she walks away with her head held high. She doesn’t look back. Certain people are meant to stay in the past and she understands that. 

The edge and rigidness of her character, come from her masculine traits. This is best used in a work setting. When you have goals to accomplish, and you have to centre yourself on a specific task and you have undivided focus to carry this out. Another example is your ambition to thrive, to relentlessly work and not to take no as an answer. These qualities are necessary for you to be a successful feminine woman. 

Both the feminine and masculine position themselves like yin and yang, you cannot be complete without them. The goal here is for you to have a perfect balance. Your version of “perfect balance” differs in every woman. You are striving to reach a state of harmony where your energy is in alignment with who you are and it feels right.

Another quality which I find important is to take care of yourself. Take care of yourself in a holistic way. 

What do I mean take care of yourself? 

Have a ritual which no one can disturb. It doesn’t have to be an hour, but take 15 minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes at night to take care of your needs. The morning is an ideal time to do breathing exercises, a 5 minute meditation, gratitude practice and writing in your journal. This is your time and it is sacred, it will be an indication of how your day will flow. Do not allow anyone to interrupt your peace. 

Have a self care routine: where you are focused on your skin, hair and nails. These three features will drastically change the way you present yourself to the external environment. You appear more radiant, confident, and have an everlasting glow. 

Get ready when you are doing errands, enhance your features with a little bit of makeup, spray on your favourite perfume, go get a facial. Buy yourself lingerie and dance around the house to a romantic song. Do this all purely for you. It’s the little things that have a domino effect on your life. 

Taking care of your space: 

This one is vital. If the space which you live in is disorderly and cluttered that will be a manifestation of how your life is currently as well. Make sure you live in a space where it is clean, organized and smells fresh. Your space is an extension of you. When your environment is open and filled with positive energy, you are attracting what is meant for you. 

A feminine woman is confident she knows her worth. When she walks in the room her energy can attract a crowd. Everyone wants to know her secret. She is pure gentle and fragile like a rose, yet her thorns can be dangerous.